Keeping you Safe while you work

Why Us?


We have developed and refined our unique injury prevention model for over 15 years, across many industries.

Proactive and Reactive Injury Management

We offer a holistic approach to injury management. Not only do we do preventative work, but we also implement screenings and have a recipe of success for Proactive Injury management.


We have a unique custom built system for identification and remediation of workplace risk which utilises advanced technology.

Specialised tools are used in the prevention/ prediction of injury.

Also, we use sensor based technology to help elevate and objectify our injury prevention system. This is amazing technology to use if your workers do any form of manual handling.


We offer a professional relationship with our Sponsors like no other. Dependent upon the program you choose, we offer:

-Individual patient progress email after *EVERY session. This ensures optimal communication regarding patient progress

-Patient progress summary reports *DAILY

-Statistics Reports on Occasions of Service and Service Type sent WEEKLY

-Detailed Analysis Reports sent QUARTERLY

*Work-Related Injuries Only

The Proof is in the Pudding

We work with many large clients across multiple industry sectors to help manage and prevent injuries. We maintain professional business relationships with all our clients to help drive injuries down.