The difference

Physiotherapy vs Exercise Physiology

At Insight Workplace Safety, we employ an array of high quality Physiotherapists AND Exercise Physiologists. Both professions are involved in the injury prevention workspace.

Physiotherapists have a unique skill-set as diagnosticians and are trained to diagnose, assess and treat injuries and also provide exercise as part of a rehabilitative program for injury management.

Exercise Physiologists are trained professionals that are experts in assessing movement dysfunction and using exercise rehabilitation for for injury management and to proactively help reduce identified injury risk factors.

Please see the table below to help you identify which therapist might be most suited to your workplace.

Program / Service Type Unique Skill Required Physiotherapist Exercise Physiologist
On-Site Physio Program Injury Diagnosis

On-Site SAF-R Program (Full / Snapshot) Critical Thinking / Risk Identification

Manual Handling Training Clinical Reasoning

Body Part Educational Resources Clinical Reasoning

Warm Ups Clinical Reasoning / Analysis of Injury Trends

Injury Heat Maps Clinical Reasoning / Analysis of Injury Trends

Job Task Analysis / Job Dictionaries Clinical Reasoning / Physical Task Breakdown

Which Therapist Should I Use for my Workplace?

As can be seen above, it is dependent on the service you are interested in and the capabilities of the professional. We can help provide you with expert opinion and guide you in this decision making process.