Standalone Products

Single Personalised Services

These services are tailored to your Workplace following a period of Onsite Analysis.

Manual Handling Training

An experienced Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will tailor a manual handling training program to your work duties. We strive to make the content as relatable to your employees as possible by:

  • Understanding what they do
  • Adopting an interactive and casual presenting style

Body Part Specific Educational Resources

Used as both a first step towards helping workers understand and manage developing pain as well as targeted injury prevention education. These body-part-specific-education resources are designed to provide deeper level education and risk minimisation strategies relating to a specific area of the body.

Warm Ups

Warm ups are common. Good warm ups are rare. A good warm up should involve a lot more than simply getting workers physically primed for work. We tailor specific warm ups that incorporate manual handling training and protective conditioning as a part of every routine.

Injury Heat Maps

Visually appealing way of alerting your workers to the relative risks to each body part for their work department. We find this to be an extremely effective method for raising staff awareness of injury risk.

Job Task Analysis/ Job Dictionaries

Full analysis and breakdown of specific roles within your workplace. This helps you understand the relative risk of each role and helps medical providers accurately manage the suitable duties of your employees.

Table 1- Job Dictionary Sample. Comprehensive analysis of duties, physical considerations, equipment required and images.