Get Proactive with your Workforce!

SAF-R Prevention Program- FULL

We supply a highly experienced Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist who attends site on a regular basis to uncover the hidden risks within your workplace. Our unique system of capturing and analysing extensive lead indicators of injury risk enables the identification and de-risking of your high risk employees and high risk work practices proactively. An onsite rehab room (gym) is setup to help de-risk employees identified as high risk. Recommendations of risk reduction strategies for your workplace follows our comprehensive analysis of risk data collected (strategies may include the services described in the ‘Single Personalised Services’ section).

Risk reduction recommendations are provided to the client based on the data analysis undertaken.

Injury Prevention

Run a Health Check for your workplace!

SAF-R Prevention Program- SNAPSHOT

Same as the full SAF-R program, but for a finite period of time and without the onsite gym room to de-risk your workers. This will help you understand the hot-spots within your workplace and help give you a strategy to work with.